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About Us

At Meatcart we know that shopping for meat online is an idea whose time has come. We are not just butchers but experienced meat specialists. Meatcart combines the old fashioned service of a butcher with the freedom to do all your meat shopping from home, work or anywhere access of internet

Why Meatcart?


Many people we talk to don't understand different grades of meat and what makes a good cut. At Meatcart we strive to provide the best product available without all the confusion. We select our high quality meats specifically for colour and tenderness. Just like the old-fashioned service you used to get from a local butcher, you're buying user friendly portion sizes, so you don't have to worry about slicing up bulk meat or trimming any portions. Our packaging process is thermoform vacuum packaging, which allows for ease of storage while helping the meat's ageing process, a process scientifically proven to improve eating quality.


At Meatcart you can buy high quality chicken and mutton without leaving home and at a price point lower than supermarkets' regular prices. No tricks or gimmicks, just good cuts of meat delivered to your door. With Meatcart you only have to buy as much or as little as you need.

Useful package sizes

Our pack size options have been created based on our experience in retail markets. We have different size options to suit each product. These choices allow you to buy just the right amount for your family. In each size option we have declared how much you can expect.